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There are lots of things to do in and around Valladolid!

Sometimes a little help is needed to get the most out of your days though... Here is the site of wonderful friends who offer great little day tours, all with a personal touch and often off the beaten path! Friendly, personal, and knowledgeable!

MexiGoTours! is a big YES!


A great site for info on Vegan and Vegetarian Vacations!

Vegetarian Vacations: Veggie Holidays Directory - List of tours offering vegetarian or vegan food.

Bicycle Beano Cycling Holidays are great Vegetarian cycling holidays in England and Wales, UK. Check them out today!


When we go to the beach, we have a few favourite hangout places... One of them is the beach at Sian Kaan! A great place to explore the biosphere, just a few km after you pass the arch!

It's a beautiful stretch of natural beach, protected and overlooked by lovely care takers. You can get fresh coconuts there or enjoy a restaurant right next to them! YUM! You can stay right there too, with your tent or camper!

To the left of them is a small tour operator who will take you to the beautiful biosphere!

Another favourite of ours is Xcacel , just 10 km north of Tulum, and shortly after you pass under the bridge going to Xel Ha. It's on the right side of the road (from Tulum coming), and is a protected turtle beach with a small fresh water cenote in it's back! A beautiful place to visit and spend the day!

Even closer to Tulum, also heading north, you'll find the entry to Caleta Tankah, a beach club with a nice beach and most importantly a gorgeous fresh water cenote right in the ocean! It's a nice place to hang out there and well worth the entry fee! It's just like being in a tide pool on the Big Island!

In Akumal we love to hang out at La Buena Vida a great beach restaurant with good and friendly service and great vegan, vegetarian, and everything food choices!

We saw this beautiful guy there while snorkeling!

Right close by is the Yal-Ku Lagoon a beautiful and protected inlet of water with great snorkeling! Unfortunately the entry got a bit pricey, but it's still worth the visit! Go early!

The other beach we love is up north at the Golf coast. We love to go there with the dogs and walk this incredibly long and almost never ending beach! After a stormy night it's the perfect beach for finding awesome shells! This beach is close to Las Coloradas (famous for it's salt production and the flamingoes in the salty water lagoons), and when you have crossed the bridge over the lagoon, it is the first beach you come to, and there are also a few other entries up the road. This is a natural beach!

When you go up to the Rio Lagartos area, you turn right towards Las Coloradas! But don't forget to check out Rio Lagartos either! Lots to see there, great place for tours into the lagoon, bird watching, especially flamingos!

Often San Felipe, off to the left from Rio Lagartos, gets overlooked, but it's such a beautiful gem and worth the trip and even a longer stay! You can get the same great tours here into the lagoon with one of the locals, or just have yourself set over to the beach that lies in front, with the lagoon cutting it off from the mainland.

The beach is beautiful with white sand and it's very shallow to go into. We also went here with the dogs and all went into a boat that took us there! Loved it! Go early on a weekday and not many people will be there! We were the only ones in mid October! Enjoy!

Instead of paying a fortune to stay in Tulum or on the beach, choose this place instead! Just a mere 10 minute drive away from it all and close to everything, cenotes and beaches, you'll find Casa Selva Orquideas in the small village of Macario Gomez! Highly recommended!

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Then there are the ruins of course!! The Yucatan is the Mayan heartland and its map is lined with one ancient Mayan site after the other! One of our personal favourites is Ek Balam and only a 15-20 minutes car ride away!

Ek Balam is hardly ever overcrowded and if you come early in the morning, you get the site almost all to yourself! There are local tour guides you can hire to get more insight into all the buildings that can be seen, or you can just venture by yourself.

Ek Balam is a very special site as it features reliefes and sculptures in absolute perfect condition! They really do like fakes, recreated, but are in fact originals! Hence the protection around them!

For us Ek Balam has just something special, a special kind of energy, connected to it's former leader, whose name it carries, 'Black Jaguar'. The great things is you not only get to see and wander the ruins but there is a cenote on the same grounds which is worth the extra entry and the walk! Here is another great site about Ek Balam with lots of wonderful information!

Cenote Xcanche at Ek Balam! Take your time to experience this beautiful region!


Right around the corner of Ek Balam, going back to Valladolid through small villages (back roads), towards Yalcoba, you'll find some neat cenotes off the beaten path! Palomitas is one of our favourites!

Please ask us for detailed directions or we can help you to hire a taxi for the day to get the most out of what this area has to offer!



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