At Axis Mundi we merge colonial charme with comfort and privacy, light and colour, to soothe and stimulate your senses - a welcoming atmosphere, providing peace and harmony without overload -

Our expansive garden, 70 meters deep, is thriving with tropical plants, trees, and flowers -

We created places to rest and to meditate, our pool as a centrepiece to refresh, the pool deck for yoga or just to be -

There is the lobby in the old colonial part with it's high ceilings, providing a cool place to read or to chat. WIFI is being offered here for your convenience.

All meals are being served on our long cedar table in our covered outdoor dining area, perfectly designed to share food and thoughts.

To keep our private and personalized atmosphere, we only offer 6 rooms in 3 guest houses, arranged around the pool in our tropical garden.

Each room presents itself in a different colour scheme to support and activate a different chakra. Either downstairs with it's own little terrace, or upstairs, with a balcony and pergola, all with it's own, inviting hammock, overlooking the garden.


Sleep comfortably on our aloe/bamboo mattrasses!

Colourful hand woven cotton blankets from Guatemala provide warmth on cool nights.


All rooms are layed out with a queen sized bed, a sitting area/single bed that offers space for a third person to sleep, a work space, closet, and of course, each room has it's own private bathroom.

We are an eco-friendly place with composting toilets! Clean and odorless!

Expect beauty and attention to details wherever you turn, Mexican style and colourful tiles, crystals and stones, original artwork in each room and throughout our whole place.

Our rooms come in following colour coordinations:

Yellow and Orange in the Saffron House, to activate the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra, emotional balance and self awareness.


Fuchsia and warm Red in the Earth House, to support the Root Chakra and Crown Chakra, as being grounded is so important for spiritual awerness.

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Turquoise and Blue in the Spirit House, activating and balancing the Throat Chakra and Third Eye Chakra for speaking and seeing your truth.

Green, as the heart and energy generator, connecting and balancing each other Chakra, is found throughout our garden in the form of trees and shrubs.

Each room offers a fresh, vibrant, stimulating, and calming atmosphere, balancing out your energies, and lifting up your spirits.

We love to welcome you soon in our home-



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