Our gift to you: Great prices year around! All prices INCLUDE 19% TAX! All prices are in US Dollars!

Please note, our minimum stay is 2 nights. Thanks a lot!

Price per room/day/1-2 people: $85. Breakfast included!

extra person: $20/day

Price per room/week/1-2 people: $520. Breakfast included!

extra person: $20/day

Price per room/month/1-2 people: $1500. Breakfast included!

extra person: $200/month

Price per room/month/1-2 people: $1200. Self catering!

extra person: $100/month

Price for long term stays/multiple months: $1000/month. Self catering!

Rent our space and rooms for $600/day!

High Season from December 15. - March 15.

Rooms will be $110 per night/$ 700 per week/$ 2000 per month, breakfast and taxes included!

Self catering month during high season is $1600

Great Medical and Dental care nearby!


Also available: 1 week Raw Food Retreats for 2, everything included, for $1820. Includes: Breakfast/lunch/dinner. 1 Reiki treatment per person, meditation session, spiritual counselling/reading, raw food talks/preps, visit to Permaculture farm, visit to our own cenote/cave, visit to a beautiful nature beach, visit to Ek Balam Mayan ruins.

Ask for our Honeymoon Special!!

Cleansing and Healing Retreat

Come and join us for a personalized Cleansing and Healing Retreat!

Time for a change? Health problems? Want to loose that extra baggage?

Or just time to treat yourself with fresh, wholesome food, relaxation, and therapies that soothe your mind and refresh your body -

Reset your buttons, peel off those layers, and feel the bliss !

Stay in a safe and nurturing environment -


Our 2 week cleansing and healing retreat includes:

Juice fast, water fast, and build up with whole fruits -

Counselling/personal guidance,

Nutrition talks, food prep -

Meditation -

Meditative painting -

1 Reiki treatment per week -

Teaching and attunement to Reiki 1

Reiki certificate -

Reiki shares -

visit to Permaculture farm -

visit to our own cenote/cave -

visit to a nature beach -

visit to Ek Balam Mayan ruins -

visit to nearby cenotes -

And a special surprise outing!


plus all juices and fruit of course, and enough time to sit back and to relax!

Price per person: $1900. Bring a friend! 2nd person: $1500

Our cleanses are safe and gentle! If you have special health issues, please consult with your doctore before coming!


The only thing of importance when we depart will be the traces of Love we have left behind - Albert Schweitzer



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