Your hosts

Beate Epp = artist and author, intuitive healer, Reiki Master, holds diplomas in nutrition and several other healing modalities. Paul Epp = organic farmer, intuitive healer, Reiki Master.

Our deep connection to the earth and all living beings let's us thrive to conserve, protect, heal, and bring back beauty and health to our surroundings and fellow beings.

We love to share our journey with you!

Transform yourself, clear your mind, purify your body, let healing take place, and feel the bliss of life!


We are here to lend a hand!


Our resident pet therapists - are you ready for a cuddle?

We share our life with our rescue dogs from Canada and Mexico!

Did you know? It's not a problem to adopt dogs from Mexico and take them home! Lots of great souls are in need of a new home or just basic medical help! Ask us how you can help! Every bit makes a difference to these souls!

We are also always in need for kids items, Spanish picture books, etc.!


Thanks so much!

Our beautiful little rancho outside of Valladolid where we grow fruit trees and do reforestation!

Such a spiritual and energetic place - a place of deep healing and transformation -

We often take guests out to do ceremonies, celebrations, and therapy sessions. It's especially magical in the late afternoon/early evening, when the fireflies come out -





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