It's easy to find us!

Catch a flight to Cancun from almost anywhere! plane

Once in Cancun, you can go to Valladolid by bus, easy and comfortable!

When you come out of the airport, ask an airport official for the ADO bus stop and where to buy tickets! Or look for an ADO official in their red vests!

Maybe get some cash from one of the ATM's in the terminal before heading out or change money at one of the banks inside. They do have great exchange rates!

click here to see their website! ADO Bus website

Buy a ticked to the Cancun bus terminal, the buses leave very frequently, like every 20 or 30 minutes, and the ticked is about $3 -

And don't be worried about communication! Most everyone working in and around the airport understands English! If you don't know where to go, ask someone. People are very friendly and will give you the info you need. Just tell them you are looking for the ADO!

You can buy your ticket to Valladolid at this booth too, or get it once you are at the Cancun bus terminal.

The buses also leave very frequently to Valladolid and the trip costs about $10. It takes just under 2 hours to get to Valladolid. The buses are very comfortable and are air conditioned (have a jacket or scarf on hand!). It's a nice ride and you can enjoy your surroundings or doze off.

Do not take a taxi from the Cancun airport to Valladolid! It will cost you a fortune! For car rental companies we recommend Tulum Car Rental and Easy Way . They have had constant good reviews!

The bus terminal in Valldolid is on the corner of Calle 39/46. Just walk 1 block to Calle 41, then walk 4 blocks west.Our place is on Calle 41, between 54 and 56. Very easy to find!

Or take a taxi, which is only 20 pesos in the city!

Our address is: Calle 41, #255 D, 54 y 56, in frente de Seguro Social (IMSS).



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