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Axis Mundi =
A connection between sky and earth, where all four directions meet...
A sacred place of healing and nurture, bringing higher and lower realms together to a still point of deep peace, harmony, and knowing.
The Ceiba tree - sacred Tree of Life of the Mayans - here symbolized by open arms and a beaming heart flower -


We invite you to our peace of heaven in historical Valladolid, Yucatan -

Imagine a secret garden with greens and flowers, mature trees and fruits, places to rest and to meditate,

mellow winds carrying sweet scents... sitting by the refreshing pool, glistening in the sun -

All that only a few blocks from the historical centre of Valladolid, in the heart of Mayan land and culture, close to ancient places, sacred caves, and blessed waters, and not far away from the most beautiful beaches of Tulum.


We are a vegan Bed and Breakfast, embracing mainly low fat, raw and cooked vegan food. Our breakfasts are raw and juicy, with lots of fresh fruit, whole or prepared as puddings, cereals or raw ice-creams! Experience how great raw can taste! Get ideas and inspirations! We welcome everyone!

Great for Corporate Retreats, Small Groups, Couples Retreats, Family, or your Personal Get-Away! Loving, personal, and welcoming atmosphere!

Gay friendly! We welcome everyone!

For other food options, there are plenty of Restaurants in the city, from vegan to vegetarian to traditional Mexican fare and Italian!

Come to the heartland of the Mayan culture, and experience the magic!


Enjoy company or a good book in the lobby of our over 200 year old colonial house.



Did you know that all our room prices include 19% taxes and breakfast? No adds on afterwards and no surprises! Our weekly price per room is $500 (max. 2 people)!

Special Offer until December 14th:

1 day extra, topped with a free Reiki treatment! (contact us directly)

Don't have time for 1 week? Pay for 3 days and stay for 4!

We know lots of great places and help you to get the most out of your holidays!

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